To Do

TODO: incorporate these links:

TODO: catch up on latest hotfixes (for 2014 SP2 CU2), any other releases, TF 2389 additions (see my email), and BWard’s 2016 Hekaton slides

TODO: Evaluate combining the following 3 categories since they are all so tightly coupled. Use a special division of flags found only for this super-category.

These categories still need to be pulled in from the Word doc TODO: SQL 2000 Optimization/Query Performance Fixes TODO: SQL 2000 Query Execution TODO: Pre-SQL 2000 Flags TODO: TF 4199 and related TODO: Non-TF4199 Query Performance/Execution fixes TODO: Mis-labeled, unable to find links, Other

Remove these files from my repo, never used OLD: Query Compilation (Info only) and Stats Object-related OLD: Query Compilation Behavioral (Cardinality Estimation only)

Review these links:

I need to check out the release services link. Also, smoewhere there is a list of TFs and the new USE HINT options they map to, that I need to record.

TF 3459 disables parallel redo according to Anthony Nocentino. (I have a screenshot of the Twitter exchange in my “bolex”)

Fantastically-good article (that mentions TF 3656) by Andreas Wolter on diagnosing slow perf with advanced analysis using XEvents, WinDbg, and Wireshark.

Good demonstration of TF 2453:

Review Konstantin Taranov’s post on SSC:

TF 139:

TF 176 (disables computed column expansion along with some other nuanced behavior). Great Paul White article.